Thursday, July 4, 2013

This post has been brought to you by the hashtag #CanadianTired

It was a unanimous, recorded vote by the Caledon Council, in favour of supporting the Canadian Tire application.  So it would seem, that is that.  Or is it?  After all the shenanigans I've watched over the past few years, the common sense side of my head would say that the Canadian Tire proposal is far from over.  What are the chances that the Town will now find themselves, sitting at the OMB, hauled there by a developer, tied up for months, which means more than likely CT will take a walk.  What does this developer want so bad that they'd take Caledon to the OMB?  Would it be a re-designation on that parcel of land to allow for residential subdivisions?  Oh the soap opera continues.  #OMB #CostsTheTaxpayersTonsOfMoney #Greed

I sat through the last meeting on the CT decision.  It was Caledon at its best and Caledon at its worst.  It felt like I was watching one of those really bad run on and on award shows, just counting for the moments to end and praying there wasn't going to be a Justin Bieber performance. I knew I should have brought a flask. Here are a few highlights....