Thursday, July 4, 2013

This post has been brought to you by the hashtag #CanadianTired

It was a unanimous, recorded vote by the Caledon Council, in favour of supporting the Canadian Tire application.  So it would seem, that is that.  Or is it?  After all the shenanigans I've watched over the past few years, the common sense side of my head would say that the Canadian Tire proposal is far from over.  What are the chances that the Town will now find themselves, sitting at the OMB, hauled there by a developer, tied up for months, which means more than likely CT will take a walk.  What does this developer want so bad that they'd take Caledon to the OMB?  Would it be a re-designation on that parcel of land to allow for residential subdivisions?  Oh the soap opera continues.  #OMB #CostsTheTaxpayersTonsOfMoney #Greed

I sat through the last meeting on the CT decision.  It was Caledon at its best and Caledon at its worst.  It felt like I was watching one of those really bad run on and on award shows, just counting for the moments to end and praying there wasn't going to be a Justin Bieber performance. I knew I should have brought a flask. Here are a few highlights....

Biggest Hypocrite of the Evening
Oh that's an easy one.  Without question that went to the former Ward 5 Regional Councillor, Annette Groves.  Didn't the councillor vote for that parcel of land to be designated as employment lands back in '07?  Yup,  she sure did.  'nuff said 'bout that. #Hypocrite

The "Can You Spell C-A-T?" Award
Holy hannah.  Someone needs to send those reporters from the Caledon Enterprise back to grade school for a lesson in the ABC's and a lesson in how to effectively utilize social media.  Spelling your hashtag wrong, over and over again during live tweeting is just embarrassing.  They might want to consider changing the hashtag from  #BolCanTire to #ICantSpell  

Biggest Opportunist of the Evening
Oh the wannabe politicians who you just know are going to try and leverage this whole CT business in the next election make my skin crawl.  Hands down, this nod has to go to Kevin "Gawd bless us each and everyone" Junor.  Boyfriend got up, said his peace and shortly there after was no where to be seen.  Glad to see how much this issue really meant to him.  #OpportunityKnocks #WaitingForTheNextElection

"Smile! We Got You On Candid Camera!" Award
Kim Seipt, former board chair of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), tried to come across on the down low with a small hand held video cam, as she sat amidst a gaggle of ladies, who I'll just refer to as the Pidgeon Sisters.  I'm expecting to see a dubstep video of "Caledon Council Votes Gangnam Style" on You Tube shortly.  Is it just me or is there something voyeuristically creepy about all of this?  On a side note, Maurizio Rogato, of Solmar Developments, was sitting directly behind Miz Seipt and the Pidgeon Sisters and at moments they were quite engaged in chatter. #Coincidence  #MeThinksNot 

The Usually Loudest Voice To Be Heard That We Haven't Heard From
Speaking of the CCC can someone please tell me why the usual suspects, who have done nothing but loudly spew venom at the council for the past half dozen years, have been eerily silent on this application?  You'd have thought the CCC would be absolutely ecstatic to see one of Canada's Top 100 Companies coming to Caledon. That would be certainly one prestigious new member to have in the house. Yet not one sound bite or even a hashtag out of them. Think about that for a bit. #SpeakUp #MakesYouGoHmmmm

Silliest Comment of the Evening
Some dude got up and told us that when you visit the center of any European town there is always statues and a fountain.  Does buddy even realize where the center of town is?  #Doh

The "I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore" Moment
Goes to Regional Councillor Allan Thompson when he finally let loose, after hearing time and time again, about the low paying, low skilled jobs that a development such as CT would bring.  Turns out that many of his constituents, who live in Valleywood, and who work out of the CT facility in Brampton are fed up with being dissed by the Boltonites who thinks that any job out at this site would be a minimum wage, no skill required position.  Atta boy. #StandingUpForYourConstituents

Worst Speech of the Night
It's a double winner folks as Kevin Junor gets a second nod.  Small word of advice, if you are going to make a presentation to council, then I suggest, at the very minimum, you jot down a few speaking points.  KJ stuttered, babbled, and at moments was inaudible, although that isn't always a bad thing.  KJ, I got your number.  This isn't about your community.  This is about the upcoming election.  #Opportunist #PostRetirementCareer #GawdBless

Best Speech of the Night
Without question, goes to Ward 5 Area Councillor, Rob Mezzapelli.  I don't think I've ever been more grateful for those 10 votes that got him over the winner's line in the last election.  He proved his smarts and he did his homework.  Councillor Mezzapelli's comments and presentation prior to the vote had lots of meat to it.  I was only sorry to see that most of the faux warriors that had vacated the council room never got to hear it.  Without question Councillor Mezzapelli was the strongest councillor on the bench that night.  #VoiceOfReason #SmartGuy

I could go on. There were so many classic moments.  However before I sign off I just have to get a couple more things off my chest:

Joe Grogan, you don't speak for me. You will never speak for me.  #CrankyCurmudgeon

To the resident who made the online suggestion through the twitter verse that Councillors tweet out their position, this was simply one of the silliest suggestions I've ever heard. How about you pick up a phone and talk to your councillor.  It might seem like an archaic suggestion actually having a live dialogue, but it works.  #140Characters #IDontThinkSo #GetTheFacts #ArmChairCritic

To those despicable people (and I know who you are) that are behind the fake Mayor twitter account, any time you want to meet up for a real gin martini, just say the word. But of course that will never happen because you simply are a bunch of low brow cowards. #ParodyMayor #CowardlyLions

Can someone over at the Town of Caledon's Bylaw Department please tell Glenn Blakely to put on his big boy pants, get a backbone and fine those fools behind that illegal signage that was popping up around Bolton. Signage, that I might add, was finally confiscated off of Wilton Blvd. as it was sitting directly behind the house of a former regional councillor.  #AnotherCoincidence #IDontThinkSo

To all those delegates who screamed about trucks.  Where were you all when Caledon spent a decade fighting the James Dick Rockford Aggregate application that would have seen thousands of dump trucks roll up and down the western side of Caledon roads?  I certainly didn't hear from any of you then.  Oh wait, it wasn't in your backyard so that doesn't count. Reminder to you all, you live in CALEDON.  It's a big backyard. #BiggerHypocrites #NIMBYism #UnitedWeShouldStand

Councillor Doug Beffort. Tisk tisk.  Side bar discussions with an audience member during a Councillor's comments was unacceptable.  You should have sent that citizen packing.  Then again you probably are looking for friends on the eastern side of town.  One just never knows who might want to be sitting in the big chair after the next election.  #WannabeMayor #JustSaying

Finally there are plenty of residents who are in favour of the CT development.  We aren't phantoms.  Many are just fearful.  Can't imagine why that would be.  #Threatened #Harassed #LateNightAnonymousPhoneCalls

That's it for now.

#CanadianTired #OverAndOut

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