Sunday, August 30, 2015

Crystal's Balls

I absolutely adore the local Facebook Page "I'm from a little town called Bolton in Ontario".  Thank you Samantha Corless for assembling this page and a special thanks to Derek Paterson who posts up the coolest pics & historical info about our community.  This girl is very appreciative of your efforts.

Social media, which at times can be a thread that connects us, can also become a conduit for silliness, of which I'm the first to admit to engaging in. However with that being said, F-bombs aren't my bag but sarcasm and humour are.  Topics from politics to sports can become lightening rods for discussion and etiquette and respect are the first boundaries to get kicked to the curb.  The FB page "I'm from a little town..." is no exception to that rule. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with dissenting opinions.  Some people just need to turn on their filters about right time and right place.  Those people who liberally rant through FB pages have their own page where they can spew all the vitriol they want.  The minute they take it to a larger group, it's a different animal. If they feel they have the right to spew, then I have the right to push back.

I'm speaking specifically to a posting the other day regarding a discussion about the Bolton Arterial Road (BAR) and more specifically to the comments make by a gal named Crystal La-what's-her-face. The discussion reel unraveled quickly and when someone made a comment to the effect of "What no sign for the bar?". My humour took over and I posted one of the funniest face memes I've ever seen.

Oh the inhumanity...."  Even as I sit here writing this I can't help but to break in to hysterical laughter at this picture.  C'mon, people I was just trying to lighten up the rant a bit. After all it was Saturday morning and I had just put a really tough work week in.  Then before I knew it lightening struck and Crystal chimed in on me and another person.  My immediate reaction was to respond but I opted out because I have always felt that the FB page of "I'm from a little town...." deserves more respect and shouldn't be a conduit for people to put on a version of Mean Girls, the Sequel.

So then I thought, I have my own platform to respond so here it is.

Crystal, you asked me and another lovely Bolton resident where we lived. I live on the north hill, in the original north hill subdivision.  To be more specific, I live on Beaver Avenue.

Crystal then went on a rant about how we probably live in the lap of luxury, in our palatial estates, far from the madding crowd and the roar of the noise of Hwy. 50.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble little girl.  I live in a house that is 45 years old, that is approximately 1,300 sq. feet and still has the original kitchen cupboards.  Our Casa De Castoro houses only one bathroom.  Yes, only one bathroom.  Although, I have to brag, I do have a dual flush toilet.  What can I say, a girl  has to be proud of something, right?  I doubt very much we'll be hosting the Donald and the rest of the Trumps any time in the near future.

After five years of hard saving, next year we will put in a new kitchen and finally after 34 years of marriage I'll actually own matching appliances. Does that help paint a picture of the grandness of my life?  We are not rich but we do live an enriched life. For that, I am very grateful. Having an attitude of gratitude is something you might want to consider.  It'll make you a much happier person.

Crystal, like you, we hear planes, trains and automobiles. We hear the traffic 24-7.  Being situated between a couple of schools, I also have the joy of endlessly idling school buses nearby and mommies in magic wagons who block my driveway constantly.  Is life perfect?  Nope.  It is though, pretty darned good.  I wouldn't want to have raised my family anywhere else.

Some of your deal breaking comments for me included the alluding to the total waste of money and what a bad job the town & the region did with the BAR.  Sorry, I don't agree.  BTW, I was just wondering what university you got your degree in Urban Planning & Engineering from?  It only took almost 40 years and 5 mayors to get the BAR.  Better late to the party than not being there at all.  It'll take time for the BAR to be fully realized and properly utilized.  But hey, after waiting 40 years, what's a little more time?

Saying that this community has gone to the shits, well that my girl, is just plain wrong.  It is so easy to find fault, to tear down, to criticize and to be a know it all.  I live here because I want too.  I live here because, even with all its faults and shortcomings, it is a great community.  I don't know of any place that you can live that won't have its challenges and issues.  If all you want to do is find fault with our hometown then why do you stay?  Good luck in finding Shangri La and when you do find it, move there, it'll immediately cease to be that.

As for things changing, this is Bolton, not the portrait of Dorian Grey.  Every single day I get up and look in the mirror, I notice a change.  Another wrinkle.  Another gray hair.  Such is life. Communities change.  Nothing ever remains the same.  Get over it.  What defines great communities are the citizens that live there and if you are any measure of that then perhaps you might be right in your observation.  If I had to judge Bolton solely on you, then we would finally be in agreement. It has gone to, as you put it, "the shits".  Thank goodness for small mercies because so much of the good  that makes me love and respect my community will outweigh the misery of those such as yourself.

I refuse to side with your dystopian view of Bolton.  This is my hometown and to quote one of my most favorite musicians, Bruce Springsteen "We take care of our own."  That's good enough for me. Too bad it's not good enough for you.   Then again, that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.  Oh the inhumanity of it.

Crystal, you really should c'mon up here and visit with us on the Beaver.  I'll shake you up a lovely cocktail with Imodium to help out with the shits and then I'll share my Top Ten reasons to love Bolton. It's a great list about a great community.

Rant over.


  1. Direct, no name calling, and an invitation to get past the situation and become friends. That is a sister for solutions, folks!

  2. Welcome Crystal! So happy that you weighed in. I think you have greatly misrepresented the thread that started all this kerfuffle. Love how you state "I only asked one question". You did a lot more than that my girl, including taking a few pot shots at me. For a long time now you've been using that little FB page as your personal rant site which is what it was never intended for. You have your own FB page where you can pander to your hearts content.

    I also thought it was interesting that the thread in question disappeared when it did so no one could have a view to what it was that you were prattling on about. You can dish it out pretty good girlfriend but the minute you get some push back, the rules of engagement aren't to your liking.

    Out of respect to the Little town page, I chose to take my comments to my blog, which I am entitled too. As Sue Ess pointed out people have a right to be pissed and that includes me. I think it is an utter disgrace that way you have now manipulated that stream of discussion.