Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And a Word from the Author

"Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.” - Hardy D. Jackson

At moments I can practically hear the collective gasps of the readers when I hit the publish button here on coopSpeak. I just feel the need to say a couple of things so I can be sure that people who read this blog or at least blurt out "have you read that thing lately?" can have a better insight to not only the blog but also the girl behind the blog.

Is this blog candid? Yup. Does it sometimes push the edge of the proverbial envelope? Yup. Has it offended? A big yup on that one. Has it made people guffaw, giggle or chortle? Oh yeah. Will it make some people think? I hope so. Will it make some people hit the delete button? No question. The point to all of that though is simply this, it will evoke some sort of reaction out of you. Hell if I were writing homogenized, vanilla edged, safe and sound babble no one would read it. If that is what you want then stick to your local papers.

Keep this blog in its context. It isn't meant to be hateful. It is meant to be sartorial. Read in between the lines. Think people. Is taking time to think such a chore? Ask questions. Challenge me. Challenge yourselves. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't get an email or I get stopped in the local shops where someone shares with me about something I've written. I am appreciative for all the input, good or bad. Input tells me that someone is paying attention and right now we need to pay plenty of attention to this circus that is becoming our local election.

Those who know me, who really know me, who've seen the last decade of my ups and downs will tell you that when you need the go to girl, I'm always one of the first to step up and help. I've spent over a quarter century of my life in service to my community. I have served through voluntarism and I have served through council. Now I serve through my professional work. I am Christine Cooper, daughter of John Margetson Cooper. He told me a long, long time ago before he passed that a life without service is no life at all. So Johnny, this one's for you.

Finally, just to show you all that I actually have a lighter side, if my political blather is just too much for then you might appreciate my love of all things food. http://coopspeakeats.blogspot.com/ Bon appetit!


Postscript Note: Ok, got my first threat yesterday. No need for bullet proof

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Strawberry Fields for ever....then again, maybe not.

Let's start with my chuckle of the day. Apparently our cupcake of a regional councillor wannabe mayor is actually telling people that she sees herself a young Mayor Hazel McCallion. Gimme a sec peeps, I just knocked over my Lemon Drop martini in fits of laughter. No, seriously, I kid you not. Annette Groves actually touts herself as a young Hazel. Gimme another second, I gotta pour myself another cocktail and make this one a double. Is Annette Groves on crack or is she listening to those kiss my ass, yes men baboons she's surrounded herself with. In a gazillion years she wouldn't have an iota of understanding or fortitude that Mayor Hazel McCallion has had during her tenure in office. The short of it is simply that this comparison is absolutely a smack in the face to Hazel. Where is Don Cherry when you need him? This little Caledon cupcake needs a Don Cherry verbal dress down and then some. This cupcake's ego is getting the better of her. Someone please, Don...anyone...feed this girl a big 'ol slice of humbleberry pie. Comparing herself to Hazel? I'd love to hear Hazel's take on this. Think I'll drop Mayor McCallion a note and ask her personally what she thinks of the homage and the comparison. Oh this should be good. I'll be sure to keep you updated on that.

Ok, next thing....

I love Broadway Farms. I drive all the way over there because they have some of the best meat under any butcher counter in Caledon. I am, after all, a carnivore. I'm the girl who thinks the acronym for PETA means People Eating Tasty Animals. (Oh I know that comment is gonna get me into some trouble :) I love Janine who runs the joint. Oh for those of you who don't know, Broadway Farms is located on the Livingston Farm out on Heartlake Road. Think about that for a minute. Does the name Livingston ring a bell to you at all?

Let me refresh your memory. The regional cupcake wannabe mayor is married to the dude who actually slandered Anne Livingston during the last election at a public event. Not only did he slam Anne he basically inferred that the Livingston clan was going to make gazillions of bucks on a land designation decision that was covertly directed by Anne Livingston while she was Chair on a committee in Caledon. The result of this insult was that Anne Livingston filed a lawsuit against the cupcake's hubby, the insufferable Mr. T. Groves. And in his quid pro quo way of thinking he made an attempt to counter sue. Politics just absolutely brings out the worst in people. So you may wonder where I'm going with all of this.....

During my bi-weekly trip to Broadway Market, I bumped in to the lovely Janine, Anne's daughter and manager of the agro-tourism market. If you haven't been out to Broadway Farms, you so gotta go! It's a real working farm (breath deep, nothing like the smell of cow poop to remind you where you are!). Janine shared something really interesting with me. Last week the subdivision located behind the farms, called Strawberry Fields, asked the farm if they could do a community strawberry fest/bbq/event gathering on the farm. The Livingston's said yes, they are after all, good neighbours and good community partners, no matter what Mr. T-Groves asserts. Now wait until you hear this.....

During the event, it turns out that a certain regional cupcake mayoral wannabe has the audacity and the gall to actually turn up at this event to help out with the bbq'ing. I kid you not. Talk about nerve. Talk about lack of a moral compass. This is the same candidate who's loud mouth, belligerent husband had the nerve to slam the Livingston family for their alleged backdoor manipulation of a land designation in Caledon that would line their pockets with millions of dollars. Unbelievable. Janine's husband was absolutely so pissed that he finally walked up to Ms. Groves and basically told her she wasn't welcome on their property and she was to leave. Janine's husband waited and followed her off the property to make sure she promptly left. Personally I thought he showed a ton of restraint because I would have just marched her through a field of fresh cow patties on the way to escorting to her vehicle. Did mayoral candidate Ms. Groves actually think it was appropriate for her to campaign on the Livingston property? Either she is the stupidest person on the planet or she has absolutely no sense of shame, or maybe both.

This wannabe mayor, aka the younger version of Hurricane Hazel, shows up to campaign, during a community event, hosted at the private property of a family that her over the top, out of control hubby has been involved in a lawsuit in. Do these people have no shame? Man, if this ain't a sign of things to come, I don't know what is. I never ceased to be amazed at how low people will sink to get a vote. Talk about having your cupcake and eating it too.

Here's a small message to the cupcake, farmer's ain't stooooopid. You aren't fooling anyone of those guys over on the west side with your bullshit rhetoric about being another Hazel. You tried to put the thumbscrews to one of their own so don't think showing up to their agricultural meetings is going to win you any votes, it won't work. Keep your fertilizer for other places, you are going to need it.

Oh by the way, Valerie Arnold-Judge, the wardrobe coordinator from the Trailer Park Boys called. They want their wardrobe back. Time to retire that Bedazzler from your closet babe.

Stay tuned, summer is winding down which means election stuff is winding up.

Stay cool peeps.