Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And a Word from the Author

"Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.” - Hardy D. Jackson

At moments I can practically hear the collective gasps of the readers when I hit the publish button here on coopSpeak. I just feel the need to say a couple of things so I can be sure that people who read this blog or at least blurt out "have you read that thing lately?" can have a better insight to not only the blog but also the girl behind the blog.

Is this blog candid? Yup. Does it sometimes push the edge of the proverbial envelope? Yup. Has it offended? A big yup on that one. Has it made people guffaw, giggle or chortle? Oh yeah. Will it make some people think? I hope so. Will it make some people hit the delete button? No question. The point to all of that though is simply this, it will evoke some sort of reaction out of you. Hell if I were writing homogenized, vanilla edged, safe and sound babble no one would read it. If that is what you want then stick to your local papers.

Keep this blog in its context. It isn't meant to be hateful. It is meant to be sartorial. Read in between the lines. Think people. Is taking time to think such a chore? Ask questions. Challenge me. Challenge yourselves. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't get an email or I get stopped in the local shops where someone shares with me about something I've written. I am appreciative for all the input, good or bad. Input tells me that someone is paying attention and right now we need to pay plenty of attention to this circus that is becoming our local election.

Those who know me, who really know me, who've seen the last decade of my ups and downs will tell you that when you need the go to girl, I'm always one of the first to step up and help. I've spent over a quarter century of my life in service to my community. I have served through voluntarism and I have served through council. Now I serve through my professional work. I am Christine Cooper, daughter of John Margetson Cooper. He told me a long, long time ago before he passed that a life without service is no life at all. So Johnny, this one's for you.

Finally, just to show you all that I actually have a lighter side, if my political blather is just too much for then you might appreciate my love of all things food. http://coopspeakeats.blogspot.com/ Bon appetit!


Postscript Note: Ok, got my first threat yesterday. No need for bullet proof


  1. Christine,

    After not checking in on your blog for a time I was absolutely SHOCKED to read about a threat you recently received! I am not sure what that threat entailed, but I have no choice but to interpret it as a twisted kind of compliment because it seems a little obvious that whoever it was that threatened you feels your blog carries some weight, as well as a large, loyal following. Am I the only one who views it this way? I enjoy reading your blog. I think you are witty and funny and I look forward to learning about "the latest" in local politics. So, why is this person, who is obviously finding your blog offensive, even reading it? I don't understand. I know your blog is meant to be entertaining while providing us with relevant information that reveals a little bit about the character of our politic candidates. What is so wrong with that? Why would residents NOT want to know?

    Speaking of "the latest", an incredible rumour has it that a number of residents are discussing the possibility of a class action suit against the Regional 5 candidate that was outed for plagiarizing her election website. I think some people are pretty upset about it and I can understand why. Afterall, isn't plagiarism a crime? Aparently there are other issues as well that I am not yet aware of but I am counting on you to keep us informed! LOL

  2. I knew that sooner or later I would probably hear from someone about something I had written. It is one of the reasons I posted the Note From the Author piece. Love it or hate it, coopSpeak really is just designed to make you think below the surface. When it comes to some of thse candidates what you think you see is not often what you get.

    This old adage is probably even more true and applicable during election times where people have their party manners on just to snag that vote of yours. I just try to wipe away the dust off the glass so you can really see what is underneath.

    As for that class action suit, can't say I'm really surprised. It is just not ethical to use the works and writings of other people and pass them off for your own. Trouble is that most people won't even be aware of the action against this candidate.

    As for me, I'll just keep on putting up my proverbial literary dukes. All I can hope for is that people will read my blathering and maybe just think about things for a few minutes. I encourage people to pass this blog around. It ain't no good if I'm continually preaching to the converted. Just remind people it's just tongue in cheek. Perspective peeps, perspective!

    Oh by the way, I have a new moniker, care of one of my readers...."Cheeky Chick". How appropriate, don't you think?

    It's a bit early for the cocktail shaker so I'm imbibing with a double Americano and the Huffington Post. Happy Caribana & Simcoe Day weekend to my Caledon friends.

    Christine aka Cheeky Chick