Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are YOU a concerned citizen of Caledon?

"What's that smell in this room? Didn't you notice it, Didn't you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?... There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity... You can smell it. It smells like death." - Tennessee Williams, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

Are you a concerned citizen of Caledon? I sure as hell am. The difference between me and the "Concerned Citizens of Caledon" who've been making all those 000-000-0000 phone calls all over Caledon in the last couple of days is that I really am from Caledon and not from some "paid for by the call" call centre located in Delhi, India or Akron, Ohio. I'm concerned because this election has hit an all time low, demonstrated by an act that is absolutely rife with the stench of desperation. Can't you smell that smell? Isn't this the smell of mendacity? The real, true, and decent concerned citizens of Caledon have once again been insulted and deluged by a plethora of stupid, ignorant and absolutely insulting pre-recorded phone messages about the elections.

These calls are different than the previous calls. There was no "Will you support...." or one of those "Press button #4 if you are supporting....." These messages are of a completely different ilk. There's a viciousness to them that I have rarely ever experienced before. This is a whole different animal. These messages are right up there with those outlawed animal leg hold traps. If they played this voice message over and over and over again to me, I'd be temped to gnaw off one of my own limbs to free myself from this poison because that is what it is. This is a poison, a cancer of the likes of which I've never seen before. This is what the Groves campaign has brought down over Caledon, like a pall,covering the 700 square kilometres that is Caledon

The messages have been slightly tailored to each separate Ward. These calls make reference to specific incumbents, such as Richard Paterak, Allan Thompson and Richard Whitehead, referring to them as puppets of the current Mayor. Yet all of these very same incumbent Councillors have been supporting the adhering to the Official Plan of growth & development of Caledon (ROPA 24), much to the chagrin of the developers. The message speaks about the divisiveness of the leadership in Caledon and how you, the real, true, honest to goodness, concerned citizens of Caledon have the opportunity to make things right. You certainly do have that right. I encourage you, please come out, cast your vote for the leadership of this community. No matter what you vote, who ever you choose for your leadership in this community, I'll accept the outcome because I respect the fundamental basics of democracy.

What completely put this message over the top for me and made me cry out for a large dose of Gravol, was the reference to all the "young soldiers who have spilled their blood so that we can have the democratic right to vote freely and fairly". That single comment is simply a testament to the absolute depths of manipulation that these people have sunk to, not to mention nothing but an insult to every soldier who ever donned a uniform to defend our great nation and our Constitution. These are chilling and frightening times for Caledon. This is what our election has come to. Someone, somewhere, has sunk to a level so low, so desperate, that they'd use the lives of those who have chosen to serve, as a mechanism to serve their own personal gain. You absolutely disgust me.

This tsunami of telephone activity is all timed to coincide with the start of the advance polls. The brains, or rather lack of them, behind this little piece of electoral verbal art work is probably sitting around grinning like a bunch of cats who just swallowed the canaries. These not-so-smarty pants think they've just inserted the last bullet into the gun chamber, pointing it into the back of Marolyn Morrison's head, slowly and gently squeezing the trigger. What this fake, rent-a group of "Concerned Citizens of Caledon" has just pulled is an act of immoral and unethical behaviour that is reprehensible.

Are these silly people so naive to believe that the real and true Concerned Citizens of Caledon are so stupid and gullible that they'd actually buy into this crap? Personally I believe the backlash on this "Campaign of Ignorance" is going to blow up right in their faces. Imagine that mess. It'll be an absolute cupcake implosion and there will be icing sugar frosting splattered from Belfountain to Bolton. Can you imagine a cupcake that is literally like a weapon of mass destruction. It'll keep the Public Works Department out at the town busy for weeks cleaning up all that frosting.

I think more importantly the question that needs to be asked is "Who is the real Puppet in this election?" Oh that's an easy one to answer. That would be the wannabe Queen, the original cupcake, the all sugary sweet frosting and no substance, Ms. Groves herself. That little puppet of a cupcake has got more strings attached to her than a dozen kids playing Cat's Cradle.

Who has the most at stake in this election? A diva sips her single malt Scotch and ponders. Oh my, now that would be the Developers, wouldn't it. I'm thinking that would make them the Puppet's real true Master and the people behind the scenes, pulling the strings and providing the dollars to make it happen. There are people who believe with enough cash, enough intimidation, enough threats, they can place who ever they like, in a seat up on Old Church road.

I always refer to the cupcake as the Developer's Candidate and it is simply because in my heart I truly believe that ANNETTE GROVES IS THE DEVELOPER'S CANDIDATE. A vote for Ms. Groves is tantamount to opening up the candy store for the Developer sugar junkies with lots of loonies in their pockets to buy and eat up whatever they can and then toss their candy wrappers all along the Caledon roadside. They plan on getting financially fat off the confectionary that is Caledon. We'll have to rename our community to Candy Land.

Hell I'd bet if elected as Mayor, Mrs. Groves, would even toss in some of the Niagara Escarpment for posterity. After all what's a few hundred square kilometres of Caledon green space between the concerned citizens of Caledon and the developers. I think all it would take is a good tug on those puppet strings.

We've still got a full two week of campaigning until this election. Be prepared. I think the worst is yet to come. Rumour has it that the human slug known as Toronto Sun writer, Joe Warmington (aka Joe Wormington) was seen at the offices of the Caledon Chamber Pot of Commerce, chatting and making nice nice with the not so lovely Kelly Darnley. I'd be expecting at least one more installment of one of his pimped out columns in the TO Sun. This is what you get when you have friends in hired gun high places.

Finally, on a closing note, I'd like to dedicate this latest installment of coopSpeak to Corporal Bradley Morrison, his lovely wife Abbi and their three sons. Corporal Morrison, who is stationed in Kaf, Afghanistan, is a reader of this blog, and is the son of our mayor, Marolyn Morrison. He defends the right to democracy with his life. I honestly believe that Corporal Morrison would be offended about the reference in that canned, phony telephone message about the spilled blood of soldiers. On this weekend, of Thanksgiving, Corporal Morrison stands on his guard, separated from his loving wife and his young family. So to him, and to his wife Abbi, I'd like to say thank you. This Caledon diva, this real life, real time concerned citizen of Caledon, is very proud and truly grateful for your commitment to our country, to standing on guard for our right to democracy and for sacrficing being away from your young family to do it. Please be safe and come back home soon.

Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Give them hell, Christine! When I grow up, I want to be just like you. ;)

  2. Hell Janey, when I grow up I'll be sure to let you know what that'll be like. :) Appreciate your comment and the email. Keep on reading and please pass the blog along to Caledon residents who need to tune in and get off their asses and vote! :)

  3. I am absolutely appalled, for a lack of a better word, at what is and has been going on with this side show called Groves. Keep up the great work, Christine. My son is in the Armed Forces too and this Cupcake disgusts me.

    Paddy Running-Horan

  4. Thanks Paddy. It really is just a circus out here and a very sad reflection and an insight as to what we could expect from leadership from someone such as Annette Groves.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and to your son, Gregory. My thoughts are with him as he is away from home during these holidays.

    With much respect,

  5. Just read the election pamphlet of Gino Petricca who's running for Area councillor in Ward 1 against incumbent Doug Beffort. Interesting that the back page reads, "The most important right we have in a democratic society is the right to a free vote. Millions of people have died to give us this right. Our troops are in harms way everyday to ensure we keep our rights and freedoms." Hmmm ... same speech writer as the one responsible for the anonymous phone calls??? Smells a little fishy to me.

    Duncan McCallum
    Caledon Village

  6. Coincidence? Thanks for bringing this to our attention Duncan. I know absolutely nothing about Gino Petricca at all. It is highly suspect. Let's hope that the good people of Caledon are seeing through all this absolute silliness and on election day cast their votes for the right people.

  7. Contrary to that recorded message, the only divisivness I ever saw on Council was between Ms. Groves (with her puppy dog Mr. Payne) and the rest of Council. In addition to that, many of the comments they made during Council meetings about their position made no sense - it was like they were completely out of it (dare I say they came across as just plain stupid to anyone half-way knowledgeable about the issues). As a Ward 5 resident I cringed. Then there was the parade of "yes-men", the ususal suspects that lined up at the podium to repeat the nonsense - well coached but just as out of it. Ugh ... can't wait for it to be over! Can't wait for the citizens to vote in good leadership!

    By the way ... if the purveryors of the dirty politics are listening ... I not only cherish my right to vote as granted by the blood and scarifice of those who serve .... I also cherish my freedom from disinformation, innuendo, bullying, and being treated like an idiot.


  8. oh my. we don't like to be disagreed with do we? Tisk, tisk. Take a hot bath, relax.

    It's probably closer to a $billion anyway. sorry for the misinformation.

  9. Hey Pattys24....I dunno who you are and where you are from but you've completely lost me with that comment. Have another drink and maybe soak a little longer in that hot bath.

  10. Oh you can be certain I'll vote. One can only hope you'll be able to accept the results of this election. I'd like my last five minutes back please.

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  12. Hey Ms. Kayla...

    thank you for your comment. At least I leave the comments, even if they are negative, posted up here. Unlike the Youtube channel that Ms. Groves has running where any comments that are negative, including the Thumbs down are removed daily.

    Becareful for the leadership you wish for. In four years under the Groves regime this community could be pillaged and foraged by the developers in no time flat.

  13. Hey Ms. Kayla....just curious how you were handling the voter's decision this past Monday?

    Here's your five minutes back....and the next four years of being Groves/Payne free. How sweet it is.