Wednesday, December 24, 2014


On this Christmas Eve, as we prepare to celebrate with family and loved ones, I just wanted to take this moment to express my genuine gratitude. #AttitudeOfGratitude  So many of you have reached out to me personally over the past month to show your support.  Your confidence in me, the strength it helps me to muster, the small kindnesses (ummmm....Susy I loved the lasagna....just saying) and all the encouragement to stay strong and stay the course, has been appreciated.

I am a blessed woman.  I have a family that support me 100%.  I  have a community that I love and will continue to love and support it in whatever capacity that might be.  In my everyday working life I get to do work that has real affect on the lives impacted by illness.  I have a daughter who I look up to and a partner who knows exactly what kind of metal I'm made of.  Roll it all up together, I'm am totally a blessed and loved person.  There will be no lumps of coal in my stocking this year.  Bring on the chocolate.  :)

Know this, knock me down, I'll get back up.  Knock me down again, I'll get back up again.

Please take a minute and watch this most wonderful rendition of John Lennon's song "Imagine".  I know it's not a Christmas/Holiday song but somehow, it just feels right.  I hope you appreciate the perspective this song brings.  The lyrics are so powerful and so provocative.  That's what John Lennon did best, he wrote words that would make you think.  Imagine....

To all of you, even those who are trying so hard to knock me down, I extend to you, my best wishes for a new year filled with love, joy, good health and true friends.  #Imagine

Off the grid for a few days.....time for retrospection.....and those silly lawyers letters.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Schweddy Balls....

In light of the latest stupidness I've just received I just couldn't help but to share this hilarious skit from SNL. Just a classic skit called "Schweddy Balls".  Just click on the highlighted link.  I'm quite certain this will get a guffaw or two out of you.

BTW, stay tuned, I plan on posting all the legal letters I've received over the past month from the lawyers repping Terry Groves, Kim Seipt and Kelly Darnley. My lawyer says I should post them all publicly. Shame,shame, shame.  He's right.  Time to bring this completely out of the closet.

Ummmm....small note to the silly guy named Terry Groves.  Bringing up the whole Chris Harker incident doesn't, even for a second, scare me.  Pretty sad and a move of utter desperation when you try to disparage me with this kind of crap.  Really? Something from 15 years ago?  So silly.  Answer my lawyer's questions when he asks the three of you to specifically point out the blog posts that defame or slander you.  If you want to hit me with a SLAPP suit it is your responsibility to have your lawyer vet through the blog to find what it is that I say that is slanderous, libelous or defaming you.  Bring it.  I'm ready to take my stand.

Stay tuned readers, you are just going to love these lawyer's letters.  :)

Merry Christmas.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Welcome to Coopspeak....The Sequel....

Welcome to "Coopspeak - The Sequel"

Oh yes, this is so happening.

Stay tuned.

I have so much to share.  Letters from laywers.  The "or else" verbiage.  The "let us strip you of your constitutional rights" letters or we will SLAPP you.

Just an FYI, that word SLAPP ain't no typo.  Just click on the link and get a little legal knowledge.

I'd like to thank Kim Seipt, Kelly Darnley and Terry Groves for INSPIRING me to embrace all that is right and proper about who I am as a Canadian and then as a Caledon resident.

F#@K you.

Oh did I say that? Please forgive the crass pejorative.  I've never used one before, ever, in this blog.  Well looks like this moment will be the exception. Man, that's empowering.  It's like the most literal flipping the bird moment I've ever partaken of.  Wow, that's fun.  Can I do it again?  F#@K you.  It feels so good.

Kimmy, Kelly and Terry thank you for reminding me about the Charter of Rights in this country.

Thank you for inspiring me to step up to the plate and use my own voice to say yay or nay to your position. Thank you for helping me grow the pair of cojones I need to deal with a bunch of asshats like you. Last time I checked, I was allowed to descent from your opinion, your platform and your personal agenda.  Truth is, I'm embarressed to think that we represent the same community. Oh wait, that's just my opinion.  I am entitled to an opinion, right?

How disgraceful that you opted to try and use a piece of legal duct tape over my mouth by trying to intimidate me and frighten me with the prospects of a SLAPP suit.  Hey Christine, sign on the dotted line and you'll never be allowed to not only write about us but to add insult to injury, you'll not even be allowed to "talk/verbalize" about us.  Yeah, ok. Gimme the paper, where do I sign?  I don't think so.

Could you imagine living in Bolton and not being able to even talk about Terry Groves aloud?  That just makes me snort laugh. C'mon. Seriously.  Think about it. That's like telling some  guy in San Fran in the 60's he can't let his freak flag fly. Yeah dude, how's that working for you?

On another note, I'd like to thank every single Canadian who ever put on a uniform to stand up for our right to have an opinion and voice it.  Please know that this girl is grateful for all that you fought for and it did not go in vain.  I will not remain silent in my community.  I will scrap for what I believe is right and righteous. You fought to give me that right so thank you.  I'll use it.  Every single chance I get.

Finally I'd like to thank my lawyer, Iain MacKinnon, for giving me a good, hard, sift boot up the ass to remind me of the rights and privileges I'm afforded to in this country.  You are a champ and a Pitbull.  I couldn't have asked for better representation.  Thank you for helping me straighten out my backbone and remember who I am, what my voice is and why it's important to use it.

I've got my list for Santa.  Contrary to popular belief, I've been a very good girl.  So stay tuned. "Coopspeak - The Sequel" is warming up the keyboard.

To all those who serve, in whatever capacity that might be, blessings for those who are away from your families this holiday.  This girl appreciates your service and the reminder of why you serve.  

Much love & respect to my community,