Wednesday, December 24, 2014


On this Christmas Eve, as we prepare to celebrate with family and loved ones, I just wanted to take this moment to express my genuine gratitude. #AttitudeOfGratitude  So many of you have reached out to me personally over the past month to show your support.  Your confidence in me, the strength it helps me to muster, the small kindnesses (ummmm....Susy I loved the lasagna....just saying) and all the encouragement to stay strong and stay the course, has been appreciated.

I am a blessed woman.  I have a family that support me 100%.  I  have a community that I love and will continue to love and support it in whatever capacity that might be.  In my everyday working life I get to do work that has real affect on the lives impacted by illness.  I have a daughter who I look up to and a partner who knows exactly what kind of metal I'm made of.  Roll it all up together, I'm am totally a blessed and loved person.  There will be no lumps of coal in my stocking this year.  Bring on the chocolate.  :)

Know this, knock me down, I'll get back up.  Knock me down again, I'll get back up again.

Please take a minute and watch this most wonderful rendition of John Lennon's song "Imagine".  I know it's not a Christmas/Holiday song but somehow, it just feels right.  I hope you appreciate the perspective this song brings.  The lyrics are so powerful and so provocative.  That's what John Lennon did best, he wrote words that would make you think.  Imagine....

To all of you, even those who are trying so hard to knock me down, I extend to you, my best wishes for a new year filled with love, joy, good health and true friends.  #Imagine

Off the grid for a few days.....time for retrospection.....and those silly lawyers letters.


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