Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Schweddy Balls....

In light of the latest stupidness I've just received I just couldn't help but to share this hilarious skit from SNL. Just a classic skit called "Schweddy Balls".  Just click on the highlighted link.  I'm quite certain this will get a guffaw or two out of you.

BTW, stay tuned, I plan on posting all the legal letters I've received over the past month from the lawyers repping Terry Groves, Kim Seipt and Kelly Darnley. My lawyer says I should post them all publicly. Shame,shame, shame.  He's right.  Time to bring this completely out of the closet.

Ummmm....small note to the silly guy named Terry Groves.  Bringing up the whole Chris Harker incident doesn't, even for a second, scare me.  Pretty sad and a move of utter desperation when you try to disparage me with this kind of crap.  Really? Something from 15 years ago?  So silly.  Answer my lawyer's questions when he asks the three of you to specifically point out the blog posts that defame or slander you.  If you want to hit me with a SLAPP suit it is your responsibility to have your lawyer vet through the blog to find what it is that I say that is slanderous, libelous or defaming you.  Bring it.  I'm ready to take my stand.

Stay tuned readers, you are just going to love these lawyer's letters.  :)

Merry Christmas.


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