Monday, December 15, 2014

Welcome to Coopspeak....The Sequel....

Welcome to "Coopspeak - The Sequel"

Oh yes, this is so happening.

Stay tuned.

I have so much to share.  Letters from laywers.  The "or else" verbiage.  The "let us strip you of your constitutional rights" letters or we will SLAPP you.

Just an FYI, that word SLAPP ain't no typo.  Just click on the link and get a little legal knowledge.

I'd like to thank Kim Seipt, Kelly Darnley and Terry Groves for INSPIRING me to embrace all that is right and proper about who I am as a Canadian and then as a Caledon resident.

F#@K you.

Oh did I say that? Please forgive the crass pejorative.  I've never used one before, ever, in this blog.  Well looks like this moment will be the exception. Man, that's empowering.  It's like the most literal flipping the bird moment I've ever partaken of.  Wow, that's fun.  Can I do it again?  F#@K you.  It feels so good.

Kimmy, Kelly and Terry thank you for reminding me about the Charter of Rights in this country.

Thank you for inspiring me to step up to the plate and use my own voice to say yay or nay to your position. Thank you for helping me grow the pair of cojones I need to deal with a bunch of asshats like you. Last time I checked, I was allowed to descent from your opinion, your platform and your personal agenda.  Truth is, I'm embarressed to think that we represent the same community. Oh wait, that's just my opinion.  I am entitled to an opinion, right?

How disgraceful that you opted to try and use a piece of legal duct tape over my mouth by trying to intimidate me and frighten me with the prospects of a SLAPP suit.  Hey Christine, sign on the dotted line and you'll never be allowed to not only write about us but to add insult to injury, you'll not even be allowed to "talk/verbalize" about us.  Yeah, ok. Gimme the paper, where do I sign?  I don't think so.

Could you imagine living in Bolton and not being able to even talk about Terry Groves aloud?  That just makes me snort laugh. C'mon. Seriously.  Think about it. That's like telling some  guy in San Fran in the 60's he can't let his freak flag fly. Yeah dude, how's that working for you?

On another note, I'd like to thank every single Canadian who ever put on a uniform to stand up for our right to have an opinion and voice it.  Please know that this girl is grateful for all that you fought for and it did not go in vain.  I will not remain silent in my community.  I will scrap for what I believe is right and righteous. You fought to give me that right so thank you.  I'll use it.  Every single chance I get.

Finally I'd like to thank my lawyer, Iain MacKinnon, for giving me a good, hard, sift boot up the ass to remind me of the rights and privileges I'm afforded to in this country.  You are a champ and a Pitbull.  I couldn't have asked for better representation.  Thank you for helping me straighten out my backbone and remember who I am, what my voice is and why it's important to use it.

I've got my list for Santa.  Contrary to popular belief, I've been a very good girl.  So stay tuned. "Coopspeak - The Sequel" is warming up the keyboard.

To all those who serve, in whatever capacity that might be, blessings for those who are away from your families this holiday.  This girl appreciates your service and the reminder of why you serve.  

Much love & respect to my community,


  1. You're an inspiration, Christine :) Congrats on your win. Glad you didn't back down. Keep up the good fight!

  2. Thank you Jeanne. I appreciate your support and your encouragement. It is not always easy taking a stand but when it comes to having something try to strip me of my civil liberties I just have to say no more.

  3. So...Let me get this straight. Kelly Darnley, Kim Seipt, and Terry Groves (not necessarily in that order) think that it is okay for them to publicly criticize, abuse, and intimidate people for ideas and actions not aligned with their own agenda, hidden or otherwise, and it is not acceptable for anyone else to publicly criticize, argue or defend themselves. Am I missing something? The way I recall it as a child, we'd have called this being a "suck"--or bully, depending on the tactic.

    1. Yup, you got that right. Apparently we are not held to the same standard. They get to say whatever they want and anyone who opposes it will be vilified and scared in to silent submission at the fear of being dragged through the courts. My lawyer called them the very same thing you did...bullies. Then he asked me the all important question. Why do they want to silence you so badly?


  4. An application was made by Canadian Tire to move to an industrial area in Bolton's Ward 4 on the west side of Coleraine Drive. There was a considerable amount of controversy generated over this move. As a 30-year resident of Caledon, I was interested. I saw on Facebook an organized community group had formed called "Your Voice for Bolton" who were claiming to provide an abundance of information re this Canadian Tire application. As they were representing 'my' voice, I wanted to hear the information they were presenting. I went to several meetings of "YVfB" chaired by Miss Kim Seipt. Now I was forming my own opinion.
    I saw a huge Canadian company moving their giant distribution center to Bolton, providing property taxes to the Town of Caledon, the Region of Peel and to our School Boards, with retirements and employees moving, providing potential future jobs for Caledon citizens, and with hundreds of employees potentially shopping, gassing up and dining locally. A boon to our economy.

    YVfB were appealing the Ontario Municipal Board's decision to allow construction of the Canadian Tire Distribution Center. On November 13th, YVfB advertised a general meeting on their Facebook page. Christine Cooper and I wanted to go and learn how YVfB were going to represent 'our' voice at the upcoming OMB pre-hearing. We proceeded to enter the meeting room.

    Well, folks, Ms. Kim Seipt, DENIED us entrance on the basis of "this is a members only" meeting. We asked about a membership and were told to leave. I've was never before asked to become a member at any previous meeting I had attended. Two 30-year Caledon residents DENIED ENTRY TO A PUBLICLY ADVERTISED COMMUNITY MEETING REGARDING A TOWN OF CALEDON ISSUE

    As Christine and I were leaving, Ms. Annette Groves, our present Ward 5 Regional Councillor, and Mr. Gary Cascone, a mayoral candidate at the time, were entering the meeting room. I asked Ms. Groves if she was a member of the YVfB group and she answered in the affirmative, as did Mr. Cascone when I asked him. Christine also asked Ms. Groves if she was a member and Ms. Groves answered Christine that, yes, she was a member.

    Now my next thought - We have a Town of Caledon Regional Councillor who is privy to all Town of Caledon information meetings dealing with the OMB decisions re the Canadian Tire application. At the same time, this Regional Councillor has admitted that she is a member of the special interest group protesting the OMB decision to allow Canadian Tire to build in Bolton. Hmmmmmmm.

    I corresponded with the Treasurer of YVfB asking a few questions about this community group. In his reply, he stated he was already aware that Christine and I had BEEN DENIED entry to the November 13th meeting. His reply to me, in part, "you must genuinely support the group's cause". or why would you want to attend a meeting. WHAT!!! I want to know and am entitled to know how a community group will represent me in a public forum meeting and I'm denied entry because I may have a different opinion. In his reply to another question of mine: "it's just another attempt to suggest ill intent".

    In Ms. Groves campaign material, she states: "is a monster distribution centre really what I wanted for my community and the future of Bolton?" I say, Hell, YES.

    In the Your Voice for Bolton brochure, it states: "You can help our community by putting the public back in the public process".

    Well, me thinks something stinks..

    33 mins · Like

    Sharon Lamarche

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    1. Sharon, first off, let me thank you for being brave enough to post publicly on this blog. Many who read have chosen not to post any comments out of fear of reprisal from developers, from the Caledon Chamber of Commerce, from Terry Groves, from Kim Seipt and from Kelly Darnley. Many times I've spoken about the "libel chill" effect that keeps so many on the sidelines. Yes, we were together that evening. Yes, we both clearly heard our Regional Councillor elect, Annette Groves tell us that she was a member of Your Voice For Bolton. In any matters involving incamera discussions at both the town and the region, Councillor Annette Groves should declare a conflict of interest and if she doesn't the legal department of both the town and the region should advise her accordingly. It was a real eye opener that evening and another eye opener that next morning I was served with legal papers from a law firm out of Brantford representing Kim Seipt, Kelly Darnley and Terry Groves. I want it on the record that myself and my husband have a police report filed on Mr. Groves for threatening comments he made towards me. Local politics brings the worst out in people. What I find incredibly interesting is that after years of listening to Kelly Darnley and Kim Seipt advocate for growth that they would be so adamantly opposed to the Canadian Tire development. The Caledon Chamber of Commerce has been eerily quiet on this particular topic and I'm wondering what their current position on the CT development is. In the meantime, I've retained a lawyer who specializes in journalism, freedom of speech and SLAPP suits. I can give as good as I get. So be the trifacta that is Seipt, Darnley and Groves better be ready because I am well aware of what my civil rights are when it comes to having a public opinion.

  6. Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up. Don't give up the fight.
    .....Bob Marley

    1. One love....
      Thank you Sharon. You and I were there together that night when we both heard our newly elected Regional Councillor tell us she was a member of this group. Plenty of email back peddling I'm quite certain she did. You and I know the truth though.

      Since you quoted the late and amazingly great Bob Marley I will add this....

      "“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively” - Bob Marley

      I think our newly elected Regional Councillor should take those words to heart.