Sunday, August 30, 2015

Crystal's Balls

I absolutely adore the local Facebook Page "I'm from a little town called Bolton in Ontario".  Thank you Samantha Corless for assembling this page and a special thanks to Derek Paterson who posts up the coolest pics & historical info about our community.  This girl is very appreciative of your efforts.

Social media, which at times can be a thread that connects us, can also become a conduit for silliness, of which I'm the first to admit to engaging in. However with that being said, F-bombs aren't my bag but sarcasm and humour are.  Topics from politics to sports can become lightening rods for discussion and etiquette and respect are the first boundaries to get kicked to the curb.  The FB page "I'm from a little town..." is no exception to that rule. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with dissenting opinions.  Some people just need to turn on their filters about right time and right place.  Those people who liberally rant through FB pages have their own page where they can spew all the vitriol they want.  The minute they take it to a larger group, it's a different animal. If they feel they have the right to spew, then I have the right to push back.