Friday, October 11, 2013

Seipt Tripe

My my, it would appear that someone's got their Lulu Lemons in a big 'ol knot this week as I noted the diatribe spewed by Kim Seipt in her response to Taylor Parnaby's column in the Caledon Enterprise.  Is it just me or does Kim have a propensity of accusing people of being liars?  I recall being out at a Council meeting one evening when during the Chip'n Dale Show (that would be Kimmy and Kelly of the Chamber of Commerce displaying their WWF tag team action) actually called the Mayor a liar, right there on the council floor. Well Taylor, for what it's worth, you are in good company. So do me a favour and save the chair next to you because according to Kim Seipt there seems to be no shortage of liars in the town of Caledon.