Friday, October 11, 2013

Seipt Tripe

My my, it would appear that someone's got their Lulu Lemons in a big 'ol knot this week as I noted the diatribe spewed by Kim Seipt in her response to Taylor Parnaby's column in the Caledon Enterprise.  Is it just me or does Kim have a propensity of accusing people of being liars?  I recall being out at a Council meeting one evening when during the Chip'n Dale Show (that would be Kimmy and Kelly of the Chamber of Commerce displaying their WWF tag team action) actually called the Mayor a liar, right there on the council floor. Well Taylor, for what it's worth, you are in good company. So do me a favour and save the chair next to you because according to Kim Seipt there seems to be no shortage of liars in the town of Caledon.

The righteousness of Ms. Seipt, in believing that she is the beacon of all that is true and right, must be an unbelievable burden for her to bear.  I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to walk a mile in her Louboutin's or how challenging it must be to live her life in a place where she is mired in the den of liars, all the while, day after day, waving the banner of truth and justice. I get exhausted just thinking about it.

Scraping away all the gobbly gook that she spewed in her response just reinforces what I've believed about Kim all along, simply this....girlfriend can dish out plenty of venom but she sure can't take it.  Bazinga. So thanks Taylor Parnaby for your column.  As for Kimmy calling you a bully, well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black.  That crew from the Your Voice for Bolton, also known as the recycled version of the Concerned Citizens of Caledon, are the biggest bunch of bullies on this side of the Badlands.  This real concerned citizen of Caledon has a pretty good idea of what their agenda is truly all about.

Kim Seipt needs to take a math and geography lesson.  In her letter she stated that the CT warehouse was half the size of Pearson Airport. Huh?  Pearson International Airport is 4,400 acres of ground and the CT development, including the warehouse, is 180 acres.  Let me make it easy for her. Here's the link to School House Rock I suggest Kim start counting by fives and hopefully she'll be able to figure out that she's fudged a few digits.  Then again maybe it's a blessing in disguise that Kim's the Treasurer for Your Voice For Bolton. That, in of itself, explains plenty about misguided numbers, thousands and thousands of them.

Speaking of that group, by any chance would someone from Your Voice For Bolton have traveled over to the west side of Caledon, delegating the Valleywood and SouthFields community, encouraging them to come over and join in the protest against the Canadian Tire?  And in those delegations, did someone perhaps make the teeny weenie suggestion that if anyone asked these people where they lived just to say they lived in Bolton. Talk about Fifty Shades of a Lie.  That's some moral compass that's at work here.

As for the geography lesson, just to be clear, the CT development isn't located in Ward 5.  It's located inside Wards 3&4 which is Councillors Whitehead & DeBoer's ward.  So now we've figured out that Kim can't not only do the math but she is also confused about the geography of Caledon.  She is, however blessed, in her opinion, with the undeniable talent of being able to pick off liars at fifty paces.  Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the biggest fibber of them all?

The one notable exception that I took out of Kimmy's crap response was her dig at the process of democracy. The electorate made it very clear to all of the Caledon candidates that residential growth in Bolton was an issue and the message was NO more houses and in particular NO to a certain developer.  It was time to restore the inequity of commercial/industrial growth against residential development.  At that time the community group, Our Caledon Our Choice, had thousands, yes thousands (ahem) of real signatures, from real residents who actually live in Bolton,  in support of stemming the flow of residential development. I should know since I wore out a pair of shoes, walking door to door, collecting those signatures.  So the democratic process worked the way it was supposed to and the people made their choice.  As I recall Kim and that whole gaggle of ne'er do wells that she trundles about with did a lot of kicking and screaming throughout the whole election even though she denies any engagement other than casting a vote. Uh huh. Oh please, do you think we just fell off the back of the local turnip truck? Talk about being a sore loser and sour grapes.  Eat a cupcake, you'll feel so much better.

As for the silent majority, perhaps they've remained silent because they don't want to have to face the wrath of the local loco's who drive around from garage sale to garage sale on Saturday mornings with illegal signage in the back of their flatbed truck, hounding John Q. Public who just want to find a bargain in someones driveway.  I have lived on the north hill for almost 30 years and every single one of the residents in my 'hood are completely in favour of the CT development.  What they clearly don't want is 10,000 residents located out on Coleraine Road on land that is meant for commercial/industrial development.

Bolton is not, as one Toronto journalist put it, "a town divided".  That is what Kim Seipt and her ilk would like us to believe.  I'm not buying the Seipt Tripe.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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