Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blurred Lines

I have been ruminating.  I can't think of any other way to put it. Very quietly over dinner last weekend I said to my best friend that I was considering retiring coopSpeak.  That got an eyebrow raised and a response of "You are kidding right?  It's an election year."  With multi-leveled elections just around the corner one would expect me to be salivating at the political fodder that could keep me busy writing for months on end. For a girl like me, that is right up there with non stop shoe shopping on Rodeo Drive with my Platinum Amex Card in hand.

Yet, today, as I sit here writing, not even a brand spanking new pair of red Louboutin pumps would put a smile on my face.  We've got a little more than a half of a year until the municipal election and the ugliness, the poison and the vitriol that we so happily left behind after surviving the diabetic overload of confectionery, cupcakes and purple Kool-aid of the last election has reared its rancid head.  I'm just not sure I've got the wherewith all to withstand another epic election smack down so early in the process.

Can anyone tell me who the heck Chris Hawkins is?

From what I can tell I think he's a young man who lives in Bolton.  Other than that, I don't really know anything else about him except to say that he likes to post messages on the Facebook page of the most recently declared Ward 5 Regional candidate. These aren't the average "good luck with your campaign and I'll take a lawn sign" kinds of messages, these messages were pure hate.

Apparently Chris Hawkins hopes that Marolyn Morrison gets rear ended on Coleraine Road by a tractor trailer.

Whoa. It was an eyes wide open moment of reality for me.  Talk about the blurred lines of what is ethically right and wrong.

Is this what we've come to?  Then again, considering where it was posted, should I be so surprised?  Of course there will more than likely be the usual mea culpa issued. Somebody needs a lesson in Social Media Management 101.  I suspect that this is only the beginning of the blood letting dialogue to come. Ironically Marolyn Morrison isn't even running in this election. Lawdy, I've got a bucket full of sympathy for anyone this side of Coleraine Road who will find themselves mired in this mudslide.  We've got seven months of this to look forward.  I'm tired already.

Is it really OK to publicly declare the hope of horrific tragedies to happen to someone over a piece of employment land?  I know that the world is filled with ignorant miscreants but is this what we really want for Caledon?  Can't we leave that sort of stupidity for Vaughan or better yet the Ford Bros.  Did we not get enough of this crap in the last election?

To actually verbalize, in writing, on a social media venue, such a horrendous demise on to another person, regardless of your personal feelings about their political decisions, is this acceptable?

When do we say enough is enough?

All this silliness for what?  So some ne'er do wells can turn it in to a political opportunity.

Love her or hate her, Marolyn Morrison is a human being.  She is a Wife, a Mother and a Grandmother to nine children. I wonder if Chris Hawkins has the manbags to actually say what he wishes would happen to Marolyn, to their faces.  I'm thinking probably not.

The real irony in this is that two of Marolyn's sons, Brad and Andrew, serve in the Canadian military.  They take a stand to protect our rights and our Constitution so that we can live our lives with the privilege of such things as freedom of speech.  A freedom that Chris Hawkin's has taken great liberty with. What a coward. His family must be so proud.

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