Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I have been quiet.  Very quiet.  Not because I don't have things to say, because I always have things to say, but rather more out of sitting back and watching the general malaise that seems to have settled in over my community.  It's been an eerie kind of quiet which begs one to ask the question about what these last few weeks of campaigning will be about and what tactics we will get to watch unfold like an episode of House of Cards.  #TheUnderwoods #PureEvil #HOC

The predictable wannabes have been a'boot town rumbling on about just how broken Caledon Council is. Is it perfect?  No, I think not. Then again, I work in mental health, in a world where most things are not perfect. We live in Caledon, not Utopia.  Apparently life in Caledon is just an utter fiasco. Yeah, it's gotten so bad that I lie awake at night and worry about what disaster shall befall my community next.  Please. Tomorrow morning, like many other hard working women in this community I'll wiggle in to my work frock, rev up my ride, make my daily commute and earn my living.  Frankly I'd prefer to dwell on some of the more positive things about why I have spent the last 30 years of my life living here. #WoeIsMe

Lots of rock tossing by a few very disingenuous souls, at least that's how I see it.  Such a shame.  If you want to win an election, then by all means, do it on your own merit.  The agendas of some of these candidates are so obvious they flash brighter than the neon strip of Vegas. For me, this election isn't about this election, it's about the next election.

Don't kid yourself Caledon, if any of those wannabe be's get elected to council, in particular a couple of Alpha females, Old Church Road will be a war zone of the likes we haven't seen in years. Oh sure they are all buddy buddy right now because they need each other because they've got weak campaign teams but wait until they actually have to work together.  It'll be like having a front row seat to Michael Vick's dog fighting ring.  Talk about vicious.  I already feel sorry for who ever wins this mayoral election because every day will be the Ides of March especially if the purple wave rears its ugly head.  #EtTuBrutus

On that note there are a couple of things I just need to get off of my chest.

Nancy Jean Stewart, you haven't changed one bit, right down to that gawd awful orange suit.  You want to be the Mayor of Caledon yet you can't sit through a public debate without putting on a face like you are sucking a lemon.  When you started with all the moaning and groaning I honestly thought you were going to reenact the Meg Ryan deli scene in "When Harry Met Sally".  And what's up with this rolling your eyes more times than a Kewpie doll? It was just embarrassing watching you. For a woman, who I know is smart, you sure didn't come across like it. Can't imagine how you could ever conduct yourself at the Region as our Mayor. No thank you very much. #Childish

Dear Caledon Chamber of Commerce, you really have to be the stupidest business chamber of all time.  Is it just me or does anyone think that maybe there is a conflict of interest when you have a developer's family member on your board of directors and you just constantly continue to challenge the Canadian Tire issue on land that they want to build houses on.  Tell me, after CT moves in to town, will you be expecting them to take a membership with the Chamber?  You haven't exactly rolled out the welcome mat for one of Canada's top ten businesses, have you?  Talk about burning bridges. That question you asked the Caledon Council members about what needs to be might want to put that question to your own organization, starting with your board of directors.  Might be prudent to bring in a Sunshine clause in to your by-laws.    #Stupid

BTW, speaking of developers, so lovely to see the eponymous purple and white sign of the local stale-dated, half baked confectionary sitting outside the Solmar property on Hwy. 50. Some things just never change, not even after four years.  Can someone please remind the residents of Bolton and Ward 4 who on council, voted in 2007 to designate those lands on Coleraine Road as employment lands and then tried to back pedal on that decision?   I loved the "disclaimer" that the purple haze chirped out at the Chamber debate...."What was in the past is in the past.'  Well I beg to differ.  My granny always used that old adage "A leopard doesn't change their spots." #Truth

Last gripe, to a certain area candidate, running over in Ward 2, taking your current online business platform with its established audience and flipping it over to an election platform is so not cool.  Talk about manipulative, sneaky and unethical. I've read your rambling diatribes for which I have affectionately nicknamed you Ayn Random. When I called you out on setting up your campaign donation program online before you had even registered for the election, which we all know was a major faux pas (uh huh), you spewed on Facebook like Mount Kilauea. You chided me by pointing out, right down to the penny, of how much money you had raised for charity in the community. Really?  How naive of me to think that those of us who pursued philanthropic, altruistic or voluntarism activities did so for the well-being of our community, not for a vote conversion.  Oh silly me for making that mistake. #AtlasShrugged

I am finding it particularly interesting to watch the tribal building of alliances, some obvious, some not so obvious, purposely I would suspect.  I wonder if a few not so nice people will try and slip in what is often referred to in politics as "the last bullet in the gun" mail out/door hanger/dropped door to door on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the election, hoping to get in the last shot without any time for rebuttal.  An attempt, I think, to leave the current councillors in utter disarray and running for cover while the death knell chimes so loudly.  I'm having flashbacks of the "Last Gutter Snipe Supper Club" gathering over in Caledon East.  Did those fools not learn anything from any of that silliness in the last election?  #SurvivorCaledon #BringIt

I'm loading up my six shooter.  We still got a few weeks to go.  Time to get my kix on!

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