Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Breezes

Have you ever found yourself at a community or public meeting here in town, you notice it is being covered by a local publication (and I use that term very loosely), in particular by Matt Strader, and a few days later you find yourself reading about said coverage only to start asking yourself this question: "Were we at the same meeting?"

After years of the myopathy demonstrated by Matt Stader and the Dopey Doodles of  the powers that be at the Caledon Enterprise, it's time to just call 'em as I see it.  The lovely straw breaking moment came when Mr. Strader reported on the recent ROPA public meeting.  What the hell? I had only just recovered from the lopsided news coverage of the public meetings with respect to the Heritage Designation discussions about the core of Bolton.

Then comes the stupidness of the Election Expense review.

Let me be clear.  There was no breezing in to public office.  Geezus, Matt Strader manages to make the title of that article sound like a chapter out of "The Great Gatsby".  As a girl, who's boots were on the ground, knocking door after door, handing out information where ever I could, I can swear on my life that there was no easy peasy breeze blowing us around, like a piece of tumbleweed, soft landing in to elected office.

Just a small FTR; the team I was working for was the Mezzapelli team.  I considered it an honour to work and support Rob in his bid for re-election. He still owes me for a new pair of kix. Of course he'll deny all this. But hey, thanks for the lasagna. #FoodIsLove

Regardless, no matter how successful a campaign is, it's a grind.  It's a real hard, real time, real life commitment, for which there are never enough minutes, days, weeks or months in your life.  Any semblance of family life, care giving, or being employed gets put on hold.  At least that is the typical life for a committed, invested candidate who spends months tied up in an election.  Such a breeze, right?  Yup, we'll just toss a handful of Robert Borden's & Mackenzie King's to the breeze and all will be well to ride right in to public office.  Giddeup.

What a goofball you are Matthew Strader.  Although at moments I admire your misguided tenacity, to take nothing and make it in to something. You wear that gift like a bad plaid shirt.  #Yuccies

I have no issue with clarity of process especially when special interests have a hand at the poker table.  I also strongly believe donation & fundraising lists from campaigns should be open to anyone who asks.  I have not an ounce of an issue with the whole open book approach.  John Q. Public could have just as easily accessed all this information from the Town of Caledon.  It was available at the end of March/beginning of April.

Just a side note Mr. Strader;  That was some kind of shade leaning over the innuendo of mismanaged funds by Patti Foley.  So not cool.  I'm fairly certain that campaign funds were not blown carelessly about.  That lexicon implies recklessness and incompetency.  It was simply unfair and I think unnecessary. Be a grown up manboy, put on some boots and do the right thing.  Then again you are a publisher's punk so I what should any of us expect?  Not much. This is, after all, the same guy who time and time again, during Patti Foley's political tenure on council, continuously misspelled her name in many of his articles.  What a putz.



  1. You’ve called Mr. Strader a “putz” for misspelling Mrs. Foley's name in his newspaper articles yet you have misspelled his name in the first sentence of the second paragraph of this write up.

    If you are going to maintain a blog with content that attempts to slight members of the community while at the same time attempting to be clever/witty, you should ensure ironies such as this don’t happen at the risk of really, really embarrassing yourself.

  2. Oh you so make me laugh aloud. I purposely spelled Matt's name incorrectly so he could experience a small tad of the four years that Patti Foley put up with his constant misspells of her name. Of course, that is probably lost on you. Thank you for making my day. I think my point was made. So you can just kiss my grass.

  3. Hold the fort....any coincidence that your name bretskey sounds similar to Teskey