Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do The Right Thing

Win or lose, we go shopping after the election.” -Imelda Marcos

Today we vote, we cast our x's and tomorrow morning, we'll all get up and go about living our lives. Regardless of what happens with our local election our lives will still go on. We'll do our jobs, raise our families, keep on complaining about one thing or another but at the end of the day, life goes on. After all, there are shoes to be bought. :)

I've been writing away at this little blog for almost three years now and before votes get casted and counted I have a few last things I'd like to say about what has happened over the past six months during this electoral process.

Firstly, I truly believe that Caledon has been forever changed by what we watched unfold in front of us during this campaign. We have always been Caledon the good, the safest and the greenest place to live, work or play. Somehow that all feels a bit tainted and sullied but I'm hopeful that as the weeks pass that somehow we'll be able to regain our composure and get back to being what makes this community among communities such a special place to call home.

To all those who chose to enter the election ring, I wish you all the very best of luck. While I haven't been particularly kind to some of you, I have immense respect for those who are willing to hang their asses on the flagpole. You put your lives on hold, you spend your days pounding pavement, shaking hands, smiling at people, talking so much that you lose your voices, all in hopes of garnering that one vote that will carry you to victory. Elections and all their trimmings can become such public smack downs and there can be very scary, stressful moments. So to all of you, I tip my hat.

Then late last week evil reached right in to my home and threatened us. Initially it shook me but then as the hours passed it just made me downright angry. I live in a country where under this constitution I'm entitled to express my opinion. I'd like to thank Heidi & Jennifer (you guys know who you are) for helping me get a grip and some focus on this stupid act against me. It also gave me a chilling insight in to what our Mayor, Marolyn Morrison, and her family have lived with day after day.

In a recently printed piece of poison vitriol that was hastily shoved in to doors all over Bolton last Wednesday afternoon, allegedly penned, produced, paid for and distributed by local resident Kay Blacklock, there was a sentence that really resonated with me. She wrote (although I doubt very much she penned that piece of crap) "Our Freedom of Speech is being restricted." Let's see Kay, you distributed this letter, that was filled with nothing but lies, hate and innuendo. Tell me, did anybody call your home, where your grandchildren play and threaten you with a "we'll deal with you after the election?" comment. No, I think probably not.

In my heart, I believe that righteousness will prevail in this election. In particular, over this past week, Bolton, more than any other part of Caledon, has been absolutely battered, littered and trashed by the pure ugliness of it's Mayoral campaign. To those of you who have blighted this campaign with your garbage and filled our blue boxes and our landfill with your trash and filth, I remain eternally optimistic that good will champion evil.

Thank you to all who have picked up this blog. I am absolutely awed by the amount of traffic and opens that coopSpeak has garnered. I have been appreciative of your time and your interest. It's been great receiving so much input, emails, phone calls and encouragement. I have nothing to gain by writing this blog. There is nothing in this for me other than me getting to exercise my constitutional rights as a citizen of this great country and in particular of our home here in Caledon.

I am signing off so we can head to the polls to vote and I hope you are doing the same. No matter where this election goes, no matter how and where the proverbial chips fall, this diva blog girl will live and respect whatever the Caledon electorate decide. To that end I can only say this....c'mon Caledon, just do the right thing.

Anyone up for some shoe shopping tomorrow? Cosmos after five?

Happy election day Caledon.



  1. Whew! Thank the informed electorate - a good result!

  2. My faith in my community has been affirmed. Caledon the Great!

  3. I love reading what you write!! Thanks for being my newest friend!! :)

  4. Thanks Leah! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Hard to believe I've been clicking away at this for 3 years. I've so gotta get me a life! :)