Thursday, February 11, 2016

Her Brand Is Crisis

Let me be clear, right from the get go.  The only really combustible, incendiary, volatile matter that Bolton residents really need to be concerned about is its Regional Councillor, Annette Groves. Whatever you do, don't put an open flame near that girl.

Doing what she does best, Councillor Groves is hard at work, twerking up a community issue where one doesn't really exist.  That is the one skill I'll give her mad props for and what we've learned about Annie Groves is that her brand is crisis. We all watched her hone that skill during the years she rolled out the drama with the town and in particular with her issues with our former Mayor, Marolyn Morrison.  That is Annie's modus operandi and she plays it well, that is, until someone calls her out on her crap. Watch where you step my Bolton neighbours, the manure is deep.  I can only imagine the methane levels expanding exponentially from her rhetoric.  Boom.

I see that our rusty, not so trusty, Councillor has been quoting excerpts from a two year old news article from a rent-a-writer who was whipping up the fear factor about hydrogen being used at the Canadian Tire site out on Coleraine Road.  I know this article well because I picked up about 300 copies of it off the streets in the south end of Bolton during the last municipal election.  They, like this faux crisis, were swirling around, littering the streets, after being blown off the doorsteps, which were placed there by a group of young high school students who told us they were getting their required volunteer hours by helping out the Groves campaign team.

Councillor Groves would have you believe there is a conspiracy at the town and that they are in collusion with Canadian Tire, keeping Bolton residents in the dark and putting them at risk.  True to her form she once again plays this out in the local rags and through her inept social media venues. She has pleaded with us that she needs our support in fighting the evil powers at work and is encouraging us to write our Mayor and our Council.  Oh I'll write, for sure.  I'll tell my Mayor, my local Councillor Rob Mezzapelli, the Caledon Council and staff at the town that I believe that hydrogen is one of the most important bio fuels of the future and support its use for a greener and cleaner technology.

If girlfriend did some legitimate research, instead of relying on the recycled article by some pimped out journalist, she'd know that hydrogen is the fastest growing clean, efficient, energy technology used in warehouses and logistic centres all over North America. Even the buses in the other municipalities in the Region of Peel are powered by hydrogen. When was the last time a bus blew up in Brampton or Mississauga?

Here's my questions to Councillor Crisis:

Should residents also be concerned about Caledon Propane located on the west side of the Greenpark subdivision?  What about gas stations?  Yesterday when I filled my gas tank the guy next to me was smoking a cigarette. Isn't that kind of dangerous?  Are you planning on stopping all the trains, many of which carry volatile materials, from passing through Bolton?  What about paint stores?  Isn't paint combustible?  Should I be worried that my hairdresser is storing hair spray in the salon?  Lastly, shouldn't you be putting more energy in to getting Stalag 17 removed from the Allan Drive plaza?  After all, we loved your "Straight Outta Bolton" thug pose for the newspapers, replete with folded arms and all your 'tude.  Guess that stale dated brand of crisis just wasn't working for you.

I have no faith or trust in this Councillor.  She is after all, one of the people responsible for attempting to put the death knell in to Bolton's Midnight Madness event.  She is also the Councillor, who in her typical lone wolf move, did not support the Heritage Conservation Designation for the downtown core of Bolton. That move, in of itself, clearly demonstrated to me that Councillor Groves hasn't the capability or the vision to understand the importance of creating a legacy for Bolton.  It was an utterly disgraceful move on her part.

So stay tuned for the tale of the night the Councillor came up to visit me on the Beaver.  You folks are gonna love this one. #HerBrandIsCrisis #SheCameInOnAWreckedBall

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