Friday, November 12, 2010


Nine votes.

Today at 1:00 p.m. an official recount will be taken out at the Town of Caledon for the Ward 5 Area Councillor position. In all my years of living here in Caledon I can't ever remember there having to be a recount. Nine votes stand between being a winner or a loser. I'm quite certain, for both of those candidates, this will be a long morning. I wish both of these candidates the best of luck but in the end I am confident that the results shall remain the same.

Now here's some food for thought. If the results remain the same then Bolton will have just elected the former primary leaders of the community grassroots organization, Our Caledon Our Choice, as their area and regional representation. That coupled with the increase in voter turnout sends a very clear message to this new council about the intrinsic values of the residents of Bolton.

Let the count begin....1....2....3....4....5....

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  1. To avoid mischaracterizing both OCOC and the new Ward 5 reps, Our Caledon Our Choice was not a vehicle to launch them into the election. Mrs. Foley and Mr. Mezzapelli decided independant of OCOC to resign from OCOC and run for Council. It was a great loss to OCOC, but a gain to Ward 5 and Caledon.