Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's no place like the Home show....

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Last weekend I headed off to the local Caledon Chamber of Commerce annual Home Show held here in Bolton up at the Sheardown Centre. First pitstop after parking was at the Kinsmen booth, natch, to pick up my back bacon on a bun. Hey a girl has her priorities ya know! Gotta have the back bacon on a bun. Kudos to the Kinsmen, it was deeelish and a bargain at three bucks.

So off I went. With a few reno's in the offing for our homestead on 'da Beaver I was scoping for a few potential purchases. As I'm walking up to the front doors I just happened upon our Mayor and her husband. Haven't seen Marolyn and John in ages so it was few minutes of catching up on kids, grandchildren and the general how ya doing sort of few moments. So off we went in to the Sheardown centre, smiling and chatting with each other.

Please, would someone explain to me what sort of person, in their capacity as the CEO of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce would not even show the common courtesy to officially welcome, greet or at least just say hello to the highest ranking official from the Town of Caledon to this event. I just don't get it. Regardless of differences of opinions and being a big enough person to set aside ill feelings, one would think that it would be proper etiquette to at least say "on behalf of the Chamber....welcome..."

Do I need to send the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce a copy of Miss Manner's latest edition on how to smile, be polite and be a proper host? I was absolutely taken aback when I witnessed the Chamber's lead person actually turn her back on the Mayor and her husband, walk towards a corner and basically stand behind a display banner. No hello. No welcome to this event. Not even a nod of acknowledgement. Okay. Be a silly girl.

Enough already. That demonstration of petty ignorance and small mindedness is completely unacceptable and should have no place at all in settings such as the one we were in. Does the membership of the Chamber and its board of directors condone and endorse this sort of behaviour? It only reinforces what I've believed all along which is that the leadership in that position is in fact not leadership at all. Where is the professionalism? Where is the ability to set aside differences and just do your job? Time to either give this person the heave ho or teach them some manners. Either way it was disgraceful behaviour to witness.

There, got that off my chest. Time to get on with the rest of my day.

Activity in Ward 5 is beginning to heat up. We've got three candidates registered for Area Councillor and one for Regional Councillor. Still no sign of the incumbents. Gets one to thinking about the chess game on the board. Are the rumours true? Is a certain cupcake of a councillor gonna take the quantum leap off the end of the plank for a run as Mayor? Is a certain Payneful area councillor considering stepping up for the potential possibility of that vacated regional seat by an incumbent cupcake? Oh so many questions. Oh so many possibilities. Stay tuned. The diva is about to start meeting with and asking questions of the candidates. This should be fun.

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